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Window Repairs Tamworth Green

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Tired of chilly draughts pouring through cracked and damaged window frames? Want to improve the value of your property by fixing up the windows? Window repairs Tamworth Green offers a range of comprehensive services, which covers all types of glass and glazing as well as frames. Need a window fixed but concerned about the price tag? We can help you find the best window repair services at the lowest prices.

Typical Window Repair Services

Whether you need to replace a scratched pane or restore vintage window frames, no job is too big or too small for Tamworth Green window repairs specialists. Some typical services can include the following.

  • Complete window restoration - Maintaining vintage windows is essential to keep them looking their best. Vintage window repairs require specialised knowledge and skill, especially if the windows are traditional lead and stained glass. DIY repairs on classic windows are strongly discouraged, as the improper use of tools can damage not only the glass but the surrounding frame and sill. Affordable window restorations are available, and we can help you find them.
  • Basic glass repair - This type of repair depends on the style, size, quality and treatment of glass. Glass repair can be as easy as slotting in a new sheet of glass or may be more complicated, requiring reshaping the frame. Repairs can also include upgrading from single to double glazing but this may require some construction work. Depending on the extent of the damage to the glass, it may be best to replace not only the glass, but also the frame.
  • Frame and sill repair - Some frames such as the traditional wooden box sash windows are durable and long lasting if properly maintained. Flaking paint and cracked putty are typical problems. These issues can lead to more serious damage caused by moisture, leading to wood decay. Window sills, as well as top and bottom rails are particularly susceptible. Window repairs Tamworth Green should repair if possible but also replace any rotten frames and sills to ensure the integrity of the glass and overall aesthetics of the window.

Window Repair Process

Tamworth Green window repairs can be as simple as slotting in new glass, but the process can be more complicated depending the type of window and the extent of the damage. The repair process will involve an initial survey of the problem and a plan to fix the window including a price and time estimate. Once these have been approved, work will commence on site. Some off-site repairs of frames and sills may be required. Window repair professionals will come fully kitted with safety equipment for harder to reach windows.

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Tamworth Green window repair costs

Window Repair Costs

The cost of window repairs Tamworth Green depend on a number of factors including the size and style of the window, the location of the window, the condition of the frame and sill, the quality and treatment of the glass and labour required to complete repairs. Before allowing any work to commence on your windows, ask to see a pricing estimate to avoid any nasty financial surprises after you've signed the contract.

Tired of living with crumbling window frames and cracked panes? Want to give your home a make-over by restoring all your windows? Take a minute to fill in our online form by describing your window problems and all window repair needs. We'll take it from there, saving you time and money. Why live with ugly windows when the professionals are standing by? We'll find you the best professional window repairs Tamworth Green at a price to suit your budget, so get a free, no-obligation quote from us today.

Your Tamworth Green window repair questions answered

What do I need to do to prepare my home for window repairs?

Take down any blinds, curtains or window treatments that may be installed on the window being repaired, as the technicians will need to be able to access the window from both sides. Also, temporarily remove any alarm system security sensors that may be in place.

How long does it take to repair windows?

That will depend on how many windows need to be repaired and what needs to be done. Frame replacement will take much longer than simply removing and replacing a broken or cracked pane of glass.

Is it costly to repair picture windows?

The cost will depend on the size of your window, number of panes and the condition of your frame.

What are some of the most common types of window repairs?

These can include replacing broken glass, repairing locks, and fixing broken frames.

What can be done about a window that has been painted shut?

Use a box cutting tool around the perimeter of your Tamworth Green window to break the seal. If the paint is especially thick, tap the tool lightly with a hammer to loosen it, but be careful not to break the glass.

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