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tree stump removal Tamworth Green

Tree Stump Removal Tamworth Green

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It is easy enough to chop up a fallen tree and use the wood in the fireplace, but removing the stump is a more complicated task better left to the professionals. The tree stump removal Tamworth Green experts in our database can rid a garden of an unsightly tree stump which otherwise might present a trip and fall hazard on the property and provide a haven for rodents and insects.

Perhaps Tamworth Green stump grinding is another option property owners can consider if removal of a very old, deep tree stump is too complicated or costly. The tree stump removal Tamworth Green companies in our network ensure that their employees are all trained and skilled on all equipment. They are licensed, insured and have proven records of dependability and quality work. The stump removal specialists take away lateral roots as well as the stump and fill in the hole that is left behind with ground wood chips or soil. They will not leave a dangerous hold in a yard that could be a falling hazard.

Tamworth Green tree stump removal costs

Tamworth Green Tree Stump Removal Costs

Average prices are often affected by the location of the stump. When a stump is located close to a house or other structure, special equipment is required in order to safely remove the stump without causing any damage to the building. Other factors that contribute to the overall cost of a tree stump removal job include the width of the stump and the depth it is in the ground. The length of the roots can require additional work and expense, particularly when roots extend under a pavement or street.

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Your Tamworth Green tree stump removal questions answered

How are tree stumps removed?

Professional Tamworth Green landscape gardeners will use a hydraulic stump grinder to chew away at the stump until it is level with the ground, or use a backhoe to rip it out of the ground completely.

How much does stump removal cost?

That depends on the size of the stump and the number of stumps you need to have removed. For a single stump, most places charge by diameter, but this may sometimes vary.

How long does tree stump removal take?

It can take anywhere from an hour or two to a few days, depending on how large the stumps are and how deeply embedded they are in the ground.

Can my removed tree stumps be converted to mulch?

If your tree feller arrives with a wood chipper or mulching machine, this is usually possible.

How long does it normally take to remove a tree stump?

It can take between six and eight hours to remove a stump by grinding. Pulling a stump out is much easier, and can sometimes be accomplished in as little as two hours.

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