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Heated Towel Rails Tamworth Green

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Do you want to provide something attractive for your customers that your competition doesn’t offer? Does the idea of wrapping a warm towel around you after a bath or shower sound intriguing? If so, why not consider heated towel rails Tamworth Green today? Installing these towel bars is relatively inexpensive, yet will provide you with a warm and cosy feeling that can’t be duplicated.

What are Heated Towel Rails?

Tamworth Green heated towel rails are racks that mount on a wall and are designed to hold several towels. These rails are electronically wired or plumbed in order to keep the towels that are hanging on them warm and dry at all times. They come in a number of different styles to match nearly any decor and different sizes are also available. Heated towel rails have a very sleek design and do not take up a great deal of space which makes them ideal to use almost anywhere.

Who can Benefit?

Heated towel rails Tamworth Green can be placed in homes and businesses alike. A few places where this equipment could be used include spas, beauty salons, saunas, fitness centres, nursing homes, and near hot tubs and swimming pools. They can also be placed in your own bathroom at home. People with arthritis can appreciate having a warm towel to dry off with after a bath or shower. Warm towels can make bathing infants and pets easier as well.

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Advantages of Tamworth Green Heated Towel Rails

Perhaps you’ve never thought of installing a heated towel rail before. If so, you might just change your mind when you learn of all the advantages these devices have, a few of which are:

  • Inexpensive to install and maintain
  • Takes up very little room
  • Available in designs that will flatter any decor
  • These racks hold multiple towels, so you are sure to never run out
  • Helps keep the area warmer since the towel rack puts out heat
  • All sizes of towels will fit on one of these racks

There are also some personal advantages to having heated towels including:

  1. Reduces the odds of catching cold in winter
  2. Can be soothing to tired aching muscles
  3. Warm towels help improve circulation
  4. When used on hair, can improve the effectiveness of deep conditioners
  5. Improves one’s overall experience in a salon or spa
  6. Ideal to use for sports injuries that require hot and cold therapy


While there are plenty of advantages to heated towel rails, there are also some disadvantages. For example, the rails can be very hot, so should be hung out of the reach of children if possible. There needs to be enough space available so that cabinet or entry doors do not come into contact with them when opening or closing. This can make it difficult to locate a heated towel bar in a very small bathroom.

Tamworth Green Heated Towel Rail Costs

You may think installing a heated towel rail is expensive, but that’s not the case at all. Most heated towel rails are relatively inexpensive to install, but the cost does vary between commercial and residential equipment. Commercial units are usually larger and contain more precise safety features than ones intended for residential use do. As a result, commercial towel rails tend to be more expensive to install. The location and condition of existing wiring or plumbing, design of the towel rail and number of units being installed all play a role in the overall cost of installation as well.

Your Tamworth Green heated towel rail questions answered

Why should I get heated towel rails?

Heated towel rails means warm, dry, fluffy towels when you need them most. They can also help heat your bathroom, saving you money on your gas bills.

How hot will the rails become?

Most heated towel rails come with a thermostat that can be set to a desired temperature. Most people keep theirs at between 45 - 60 degrees.

Are heated towel rails safe to use around children?

Yes as the temperature can be adjusted similar to a radiator. Since the bars can be set to just get warm but not hot to the touch, heated towel rails are therefore safe to use around children.

Who can benefit from using heated towels?

Anyone can benefit from having heated towels, but those with arthritis find them especially comforting. Parents of small children also like them because it keeps kids warm after a bath, thereby preventing colds.

Where should Tamworth Green heated towel rails be placed?

These rails should be kept a reasonable distance from water sources to ensure they do not come in contact with it. They should also be placed out of the reach of children.

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