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Tired of living with ugly and broken garage doors? Want to beef up home security or give your garage a make-over prior to selling? Garage doors Tamworth Green are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs to suit your needs. Need new garage doors but not sure where to start? We can help, putting you in touch with the best local garage specialists at a price to suit your budget.

Types of Garage Doors

Whether you need new Tamworth Green garage doors for a residential or commercial property, there are a variety of materials, styles and designs to consider.

Materials can include fibreglass, vinyl, timber, steel and other metals, or treated wood. Some garage doors come fully insulated - an environmentally safe option is polyurethane thermal insulation. Most materials can be customised to suit your colour requirements. Designs may include classic Edwardian style doors, carriage style, chevron, up-and-over doors and roller doors, however your choice of opening mechanism may dictate the materials used.

When choosing a new garage door, it's important to consider not only what looks good but what best suits your lifestyle. The ease of operation and level of security should be your primary concern.

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Garage Door Maintenance

Be aware that the cost of Tamworth Green garage doors may not stop at the installation. Certain materials require more maintenance making some door options more expensive in the long run. Some materials may be more prone to weather and sun damage than others. Always consult the professionals prior to making a decision based solely on aesthetics. Should your garage door design include windows, these may require additional maintenance.

The Installation Process

Most companies offer a garage door installation service, which includes removing and discarding previous garage doors and parts before installing new doors. Depending on the style and opening mechanism selected, some minor construction work may be required to properly fit the new door. New electric doors can be connected to your existing garage door remote saving you money and extra hassle.

Repair and Replacement

Repairing damaged or replacing old garage doors can be done. If the garage door is damaged but salvageable, the door may fixed on site or taken away for more extensive repair and returned as soon as possible. If you have roller or sectional doors, it may be possible to replaced individual damaged panels. Repairs are not always the best option and may end up being more expensive. If you want to electrify your doors, you may not need brand new doors. Certain types of garage doors can be adapted and electrified, saving you money.

The Cost

The cost of garage doors Tamworth Green varies greatly and depends on a number of factors. Cost depends greatly on the style of door as well as the material. Standard designs tend to be cheaper than customised doors. Although some materials may be cheaper to purchase initially, these materials may require more maintenance and regular replacing, pushing up the cost over time. The larger the door, the more material required, the higher the cost.

Feeling safe and secure behind good looking garage doors is of the utmost importance. Don't live with dilapidated garage doors that require huge effort to open and close. We can help you find the best Tamworth Green garage doors at the lowest prices. Take a minute to fill in our online form describing your ideal garage door and we'll handle the rest. Get a free, no-obligation quote from us today and you can start enjoying an easier and more secure life with brand new garage doors that won't cost you an arm and a leg.

Your Tamworth Green garage door questions answered

Can manual garage doors be converted to power?

Yes and the procedure is fairly easy. Most manual garage doors already have the existing infrastructure needed to convert them, all your installation specialist needs to do is add a motor and arm, and have these pieces attached to the already existing garage door.

How much does garage door installation cost?

On average, a full garage door installation including the door, parts, and labour will cost £300 - £600 per door. So if you have a two car garage, expect that price to double.

Can a garage door cause injury if it falls?

Electric garage doors are designed to prevent injury if there is someone beneath them. Older manual garage doors don't have the safeguards that newer ones do and can cause injury if someone is caught beneath it when it falls.

Can I install a garage door on a partially enclosed carport?

If the carport is already enclosed on three sides, then installing a garage door seems like the next logical step. Consult with a contractor to find out if the existing structure of your carport is capable of supporting a garage door.

Will overhead garage doors require additional supports to hold their weight?

Possibly, as these doors are actually reasonably heavy. As such, you may need to build additional supports for them overhead to ensure they do not fall when they are in the “up” position.

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