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Do you want to purchase a supply of Tamworth Green ceiling tiles to install yourself, have tiles you already bought installed by a professional or find a company to both supply and install ceiling tiles? Either way, free quotes for qualified suppliers and installers are available when you complete one easy online form. We have craftsmen ready to provide a full line of tile services, both residential and commercial.

Projects and Services

Our experts offer a wide array of services including repair and installation of all types of tiles with special attention on delicate ceramic and porcelain tiles as well as natural stone tiles. We also specialize in the cleaning, colouring and maintaining of Tamworth Green ceiling tiles and handle tile removal projects too. We are able to look at your existing tiles and obtain new matching tiles to replace any of the old ones that are damaged. Additionally, our experts may remove hazardous asbestos tiles and replace them with safe versions, all while staying in your budget.

Basic Types of Tiles

Many types of tiles are available, but some of the most common include ceilume tiles which are typically made of vinyl. These sturdy tiles are fire resistant and able to tolerate the heat from light fixtures. These tiles can withstand the water from ceiling sprinkler systems as well as prevent mould and bacteria that can negatively impact air quality. Acoustical ceiling tiles are good for reducing noise and soundproofing rooms. Soundproofing techniques vary based on the types of materials used to reduce the noise, and Tamworth Green ceiling tiles can provide many options.

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Decorative Tiles

Ceiling tiles Tamworth Green is able to supply a multitude of decorative tiles from economy valued tiles to stunning ornamental tiles. Metal ceiling tiles provide a great deal of opportunity for decorating a room by emphasizing the ceiling. From faux tin and aluminum to solid copper tiles, the specialists in our network carry the best in quality affordable tiles. Faux leather tiles are not only decorative, but they block sound as well. Porcelain, ceramic and mosaic tiles provide a certain sophistication and elegance to a room. A certain flair or dimension can be displayed in a room beginning with the right Tamworth Green ceiling tiles.

Professional Installation

Ceiling tiles are best installed by experienced, skilled craftsmen who have a good eye for detail. Expert installers are able to make tiles neat and uniform with all gaps filled in and sealed. All tile choices should be reviewed with the homeowner or business taking into consideration environmental concerns like potential allergic reactions to the tile materials and exposure to toxins during installation. Tile installers typically move any items in a room that could be damaged during installation or cover valuable items that cannot be moved. Installers remove all debris left after a job.

Work Contracts

A reputable tile company usually provides a formal contract outlining the scope of work, the expected time for completion, the payment terms, any warranties and quality checks that will be done. Written contracts should be signed by both the tile supplier and installer and the customer. Contracts can be altered based on circumstances like types of tile and any special needs of the customer. Different types of contracts are available for residential and commercial customers.

Other Services

Skilled craftsmen who are tile experts are also able to repair damaged tiles as well as replace missing ones. It is important that new tiles match old ones when executing tile replacement projects. Tile craftsmen may clean tiles as well, particularly when older homes and commercial buildings are being restored. Our Tamworth Green ceiling tile professionals can be counted on to perform exemplary work every time.

Your Tamworth Green ceiling tile questions answered

What are the most common types of ceiling tile?

Cork, plastic, tin, aluminium and fibreglass are the most common types.

How do I choose the right type of tile?

You should think about the architecture of your home, ceiling height and building code restrictions in order to make an informed decision.

How much do ceiling tiles cost?

Depending on the material used in the tiles, individual tiles can cost as little as £2.00 each. Most tiles will come in boxes of 12 or 16, however, and some construction materials will be more expensive than others.

Does ceiling tile installation take long?

Replacing a few damaged ceiling tiles can be done in a few minutes. All you need to do is remove the damaged materials and slide the new tiles into place. An entire room of tiles can be replaced in under an hour.

What type of fire rating should I choose for my Tamworth Green ceiling tiles?

Ones rated at least one hour are preferred, as these ceiling tiles can resist burning for up to 60 minutes. Two hour ceiling tiles might be better for Tamworth Green businesses that are unattended overnight.

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