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Cavity Wall Insulation Tamworth Green

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Tired of spending a fortune to heat your home? Feeling cold even though the heat is turned up to max? Cavity wall insulation Tamworth Green can reduce the thermal conductivity of your home well improving its energy efficiency. Need to call on the professionals but don't know where to start? Before performing a DIY insulation job, let us put you in touch with cavity wall insulation professionals at a price to suit your budget.

What is Cavity Wall Insulation?

In order to defend buildings from severe weather conditions, homes used to be built with cavity walls. The air space between the inner and outer walls provided a means of draining moisture from the interior of the home. Today cavity walls are no longer considered effective and many want to fill in this air space with insulation. This insulation can make your home more energy efficient by reducing unwanted heat loss.

Types of Materials

There is a variety of Tamworth Green cavity wall insulation materials available to suit any budget. Some materials may be better suited to certain homes than homes.

  • Glass fibre provides excellent thermal insulation but may be prone to chemical attack.
  • Rock wool panels made from synthetic or mineral compounds provide excellent heat conductivity and are also ideal for sound absorption.
  • Polyurethane foam is a chemically inert polymer providing excellent insulation. This material may be more suitable for the homes of allergy sufferers.
  • Glass wool or fibreglass is the most typical cavity wall insulation material and also one of the least expensive options.
  • Cellulose insulation is a plant fibre product of low thermal conductivity used to separate indoor climates from external ones while also providing some protection from extraneous noise. This may be the best option for those seeking an environmentally friendly product.
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Depending on the amount of the material required to insulate your home, some materials may prove more affordable than others. Always consult the professionals about which material is best for you.

The Insulation Installation Process

Cavity wall insulation Tamworth Green can be installed in a number of ways. The most common installation method involves drilling equidistant holes into the walls around your home. Insulation material is then blown into these cavities. Once the insulation material is in place, the holes are sealed up with brickwork until they are barely noticeable. This should not be attempted DIY as improper drilling can weaken walls and damage brickwork while compromising the insulation ability of the material.

Cost Effective Solution

The cost of installing Tamworth Green cavity wall insulation is slim compared to the amount of money you could save on monthly energy. Filling in cavity walls provides a more sustainable way of living. Because of this, some governments are still offering grants, helping you afford professional insulation. Be sure to check with your local insulation specialists to see if you qualify for these grants. Even if you don't, investing in cavity wall insulation today will save you money in the long run by cutting down monthly utility bills.

Sick and spending the winter shivering indoors, too afraid to turn up the heat for fear of the astronomical energy bill? Cavity wall insulation Tamworth Green specialists are standing by, ready to fill your cavity wall, making your home warm, cosy and sustainable. Take a minute to fill in our online form describing your heating situation and we'll handle the rest. We guarantee to find you the best insulation services at the lowest prices. Get a free no obligation quote from us today and start enjoying the warmth and comfort of an energy efficient, insulated home.

Your Tamworth Green cavity wall insulation questions answered

Do I need cavity wall insulation?

If your home was built after the 1920s, it probably has an exterior wall created from two layers with a gap between them. If you have never had cavity wall insulation done inside your home, you may want to make this investment.

What are the benefits?

Like most types of insulation, cavity wall insulation will help lower your energy costs by keeping your warm air and cool air from escaping through the walls during the Winter and Summer.

How much does cavity wall insulation cost?

This will vary due to the square footage of your home, but most installations will cost approximately £500. Due to government grants, you may be able to pay less than half of this amount for the same insulation coverage.

Is it something that I can do myself?

Yes and no. There are hardware stores that sell blown in or expanding foam insulation that will work for your cavity wall, but it can be difficult to install. If you've never installed insulation before, the safest bet is to call a professional.

How can I know if my Tamworth Green walls have adequate insulation?

You may need to cut a small section of drywall to get a glimpse of what’s inside your walls. This should be done carefully so as not to cut through electrical wires.

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