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automatic gates Tamworth Green

Automatic Gates Tamworth Green

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One way of making it easier to access fenced areas is by installing automatic gates. Residents can benefit from having automatic gates Tamworth Green installed anywhere on their property, and doing so can also make a home or business more secure. This can be a complicated task which is best performed by an experienced contractor, and there are a number of qualified installers for Tamworth Green consumers to choose from.

Types of Automatic Gates

Tamworth Green electric gates can be found in a variety of materials to complement any existing fence and surrounding landscape. A few of the materials used to construct automatic gates include: Iron, Chain link, Wood, Steel, Vinyl and Aluminium.

Automatic gates Tamworth Green can also contain unique ornamental designs, cameras, or security bars. Some may be operated manually or with the use of a remote control. While most automatic gates swing from side to side, they can also swing inward or outward.

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Benefits of Automatic Gates

Many people have considered these in the past, but feel the expense outweighs the benefits they could realize. For commercial buildings, Tamworth Green automatic gates have a number of benefits including:

  • Controlling access to a building
  • Maintaining the facility as “off limits” when closed
  • Increasing safety for employees and vendors
  • Reducing theft and vandalism

Individuals can also benefit a great deal from installing electric gates. Homeowners can realize advantages such as:

  1. Eliminates the need to manually open and close the gate during inclement weather
  2. Provides security against break-ins
  3. Can be equipped with a camera, so the identity of guests are revealed upon entry
  4. Effective at keeping pets and livestock confined
  5. Adds value to the property
  6. Can reduce the cost of homeowner’s assurance


There are a number of things that can affect the cost of installing automatic gates. Tamworth Green residents should consider the following factors when trying to determine cost:

  • Size of gate
  • Whether modifications must be made to existing fence
  • Installation of extras such as cameras
  • Distance between interior controls and automatic gate
  • Condition of existing wiring
  • Building codes
  • Whether the gate must be custom designed
  • Type of materials used
Tamworth Green automatic gate costs

Installation Process

Several things take place during the installation of automatic gates. Contractors will make sure that gateposts are securely in place before attaching the gate to this framework. When attaching the gate, workers will take care to ensure that the tops and bottoms of both sides are perfectly aligned and that the edges are also squared up. After the gate is in the right position, it’s time for the control box to be added. After installing the control box, any exposed power lines will then be buried in order to maintain safety and aesthetics.

The final stages of installation involve testing and demonstration. Workers will test all components of automatic gates so they can make sure they are working properly. After that, the property owner will be given a demonstration of the gate and be allowed to operate it. Any questions about the equipment will also be answered at this time.

There are plenty of benefits that can be realized from having Tamworth Green automatic gates installed. Installing electronic gates is a complicated process that requires a team of professionals in order to complete properly. This is a job that cannot be rushed if the results are to be long lasting ones. The time invested will result in years of enjoyment not to mention the peace of mind that comes from knowing those who on the inside of these gates are safe and secure.

Your Tamworth Green automatic gate questions answered

What are the benefits of an automatic gate?

Having an automatic gate is a good security addition that can increase the property value by increasing "curb appeal." The added security will also sometimes lower insurance premiums.

How do automated gates work?

Automated gates are controlled by gate operators, which are electrically powered, and are usually installed with intercom and video systems for added security.

Can automatic gates work when the electricity supply is off?

Yes they can. Most new automatic gate systems are supplied with either 12 or 24 volt battery back-up systems, enabling them to work without electricity in case of emergency.

How much will it cost to convert my driveway gate to automatic?

This depends on the size of your gate, the weight of the gate and whether and form of preparation such as wheel replacement needs to be performed before the gate motor can be installed. Sliding gates are cheaper to automate than swing gates.

Which is better-swinging or sliding automatic gates?

Sliding gates are more difficult to tamper with, and are also more convenient to drive in and out of. Even so, many people prefer swinging gates because they require very little maintenance and are easier to install.

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